“The week that was” From rocket attacks into Israel to terrorism in Mumbai


Dear Family & Friends,

Last week there was this terror attack into Mumbia and rockets that fell between 100 to 200 yards from my house. Two of the rockets landed in a army base across the road from us and one landed between the army base and my Kibbutz.

No one was hurt on the kibbutz,but 8 soldiers were hurt, lightly to serious and one of those young soldiers lost one of his legs.

There in the last two weeks many kassams and mortars fell into Israel but the two that hit the army base did the most damage.

This is beginning to be a pattern,rockets attacks into Israel and Olmert goes on like none of this has happened. When you read “Israel agrees—-” it should say Olmert agrees,most of Israel does not agree—-.

Now on to the terror attack in Mumbai,this was not as big or deadly as 9/11 but make no mistake about it,it was 9/11 all over again.

Among the over 195 innocent civilians killed were 8 Americans,and the majority of those killed were Indian civilians.

Also at the Chabad house 8 Jews were killed,I could care less as to what country they are from,what matters to me is that they were Jews.

This Rabbi Gavriel and his wife Rivka have never to what I know, harmed anyone in their short lives, in fact they made visitors to the Chabad house feel at home,loved etc. One small child has lost his mother & father forever and as you all know how much a child misses his parents even for a hour.

Thanks to a Indian women who took care of the child,saved his life by getting him out of that horror and she is now in Israel with the child and his Grandparents. As I write about the Rabbi,his wife and child,I can not help but cry,it hurts me that much.

This does not belittle the others who lost their lives,but this hits close to home and therefore I mourn this more than the others.

Now for I am about to write,I know I will get some answers attacking me but I feel a need to say this, on how I feel.

This attack happened in India,for it was a “easier” target. Muslim terror attacks hit where they can do the most damage that is for sure and believe me they would have rather hit Israel or the USA and they would rather do a terror attack in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem instead of hitting us with rockets in the Negev and they would rather hit a big city in the USA than hit a target in India.

I want to say and to some of you I know how much you hate President Bush,and a lot of it misguided but I feel this time you should thank President Bush for his anti-terrorism policies that a attack like 9/11 has not happened in America due to these policies.

I only hope and pray that “President Elect” Obama will see this when he gets the facts on how this policy has helped.

I know,that some of you like I wrote before in this email,I will get some nasty answers and call President Bush names etc. but I felt I needed to get this out of my “chest”. I was holding back on my feelings about President Bush, because I did not want to get nasty letters and hurt some of our relationships and love but after this last week that was,I could not hold my feelings back anymore,because I have listened quietly to some of your feelings and said nothing because I feared our relationship would be the next target.

No matter what, politics and religion etc., I still love you all.

Keep the faith,

Don Saliman
Kibbutz Nahal Oz


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