On Tuesday, May 13, a group of Canadian, American, and British students visiting Israel for a year in Young Judea program, before going to college, stopped by for a two-hour tour of Sderot. The group of students, between 19 to 20 years, were taken around Sderot by Sderot Media Center’s Ran Tzabari. The tour went well, with the group actively participating and asking questions.

The group visited a home that suffered a direct hit from a Qassam, a viewpoint overlooking Gaza, protected shelters and the Sderot market. At the home devastated by a rocket attack this past Saturday (May 10), one of the inhabitants, a 16-year old boy who was in the room where the Qassam exploded, spoke to the group about his experience.

The students asked many questions including what they as students could do to help. At the end of tour, the group leader asked the students how they would present Israel when they return to their college campuses this fall. Based on the students’ answers, Ran, the tour guide understood that they had gained a lot


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