The Sderot Media Center facilitates social projects on behalf of the youth of Sderot who live under constant attack from Gaza.

One of those projects is the Sderot Community Treatment Theater program, which focuses on teenage girls who have suffered symptoms of trauma in the wake of the aerial attacks which have continued for eight years on the city of Sderot.

Gabe Regan is an American young man who made the unusual decision to share the joy of his bar Mitzvah with the young people of Sderot. Gabe did not make this connection by fax, telephone, face book or e-mail.

Gabe Regan viewing the Qassam rockets at the Sderot Police Station. (Photo: Courtesy)

Gabe chose to come to Sderot, see things for himself, and even provided some of his Bar Mitzvah gifts to the people of Sderot. We remember how moved Gabe was when he came to the Sderot police station, when he saw the remains of the hundreds of rockets that terrorists had fired in the direction of the city.

Gabe’s connection to Sderot did not fade after his Bar Mitzvah.

Indeed, Gabe had chose to send yet another financial contribution to the Sderot Community Treatment Theater program.

Gabe Regan stands as a role model to others of his age to show that you can engage in practical projects to help young people your own age in another part of the world.


  1. Bravo little brave boy! Kol HaKavod!!! You are truly a light to the people of Sderot! I’m much impressed.


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