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Advocate for Sderot


Sderot Media Center Community Treatment Theater 2009

duration: 5:16 Through the art of theater, traumatized high school girls are able to express themselves while receiving trauma therapy. This project is run by...

Int’l Aid to the Gaza Strip

duration: 1:29 Today alone, over 73 trucks and 440,000 liters of gasoline was poured into the Gaza Strip as international aid. Since September 1st, over...

environment friendly Qassams

duration: 0:46

Post US elections, Israel, Sderot children want missile fire to stop!

duration: 4:48 The first shield playground in the world.Sderot, Israel.

duration: 3:50 A short video emphasizes the rocket reality in Sderot

Synagogue being hit by a direct Qassam rocket – SMC Video Archive

duration: 4:02 Synagogue being hit by a direct Qassam rocket, when half and hour before over 400 people were celebrating bringing a new Torah scroll...

Interviewing a kindergarten teacher

duration: 2:31 - Interviewing a kindergarten teacher, while the siren went off- Children went running to the bomb shelter, and than start singing out load,...