On Saturday morning, January 3, over 20 Palestinian rockets were fired at Israel, following a barrage of 36 rockets on Friday.

On Friday, January 2, seven Israelis in Ashkelon were lightly wounded when two Palestinian rockets directly hit a house and a residential apartment building. In addition, three residential buildings also suffered heavy damage by the rocket fire. Five Israelis where also treated for shock in the attacks.

The Home Front Command issued an order on Friday ordering Israeli residents in the south to conduct Friday evening prayer services in bomb shelters, instead of attending services at synagogues due to the intensive danger of rocket attacks.

On Saturday, two Israelis were lightly wounded in Ashdod when a Grad-type rocket directly hit an eight-story building in the city. Three people on the scene were treated for shock.

Palestinian rocket attacks on Saturday caused heavy damage to a kibbutz cafeteria in the vicinity of the Gaza border, while another rocket slammed into a courtyard of a house in Ashkelon which sparked a fire. Another rocket hit a playground in the city, while the fourth rocket hit a building in the Ashkelon beach area. Palestinian rockets also hit Netivot, Sderot Gan Yavne, Kiryat Malachi, the Sha’ar Hanegev region and Eshkol region throughout Saturday.

In Netivot, one woman was lightly injured by a Qassam rocket that directly hit a home in the southern area of the city. The woman sustained shrapnel wounds to her leg and was evacuated to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba. Another woman in Kiryat Malachi went into shock when a rocket exploded nearby.

Since Operation Cast Lead, which began a week ago on Saturday, three Israeli civilians have been killed and one Israeli soldier. Close to a million Israelis living in the south are living under Palestinian rocket attacks.

*Jerusalem Post and YNet News contributed to this report.


  1. Public opinion may not be in your favor but more importantly Hashem will not take His eye off you. G-d bless you people of Sderot. My prayers are with you.


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