Day 2: Operation Protective Edge Against Hamas

Yesterday, the IDF commenced Operation Protective Edge in Gaza against Hamas. Since the beginning of the operation, around 200 rockets have been fired at Israel, threatening millions of lives. Over the past 24 hours, rocket sirens have sounded across the country, including in Israel’s biggest cities, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. For live updates, click here.



Hamas operates from within densely populated areas. They use innocent civilians – men, woman and children – as human shields for terrorists. Instead of keeping its citizens out of harm’s way, Hamas encourages and even forces Gazans to join its violent resistance against Israel. Read more…


Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory in attempt to attack IDF soldiers at Zikim base using firearms and grenades. One soldier was lightly injured. The IDF successfully prevented this attack and killed four of the perpetrators.
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Since the beginning of 2014, Gaza terrorists have fired more than 450 rockets at innocent Israeli civilians. This endangers more than 3.5 million people
about 40% of Israel’s population. Hamas currently possesses 10,000 rockets and mortars, including long-range rockets such as the Fajr-5.

The threat facing Israel is intolerable, and the IDF is determined to stop it.


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