The Sderot Media Center is now recognized as a grass roots voice and face for 45,000 Israelis who have lived under daily missile attacks for the past seven years.

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially requested that the Sderot Media Center provide all Israeli diplomatic offices around the world with first-hand exclusive material that the Sderot Media Center has produced, documented and presented

1,500 comprehensive packets of Sderot Media Center print and audiovisual materials were distributed to 101 Israel diplomatic missions by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and funded through Stand with Us.

State of Israel
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
January 6, 2009

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been greatly assisted by Sderot Media Center’s material and documentation of the rocket attacks on Sderot. The center provided instruction to the MFA foreign press team (through lectures and telephone conferences). The MFA also distributed SMC material documenting the reality of Sderot residents living in the shadow of continuous rocket fire.

Because we found that the material produced by the center meets high journalistic standards, we decided to work with the center and have distributed over 3000 SMC information kits to foreign journalists via our embassies and consulates throughout the world. The information packets included articles (translated into five languages) that were written by journalists who visited Sderot and a DVD with 5 video clips from SMC, which convey the personal stories of Sderot residents behind the headlines.

Based on the feedback we have received from the ground, countless foreign journalists are using the SMC information packets, especially since the beginning of Operation Cast Lead. The packets provide information and visual material to journalists researching the conflict, in addition to connecting them with Sderot Media Center and other active organizations in the region.

We wish Sderot Media Center much luck in its blessed work.

Eddie Shapira,
MFA Spokesman



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