After having comprehensive phone discussions with the girls, we decided to meet in the regular hour on Wednesday. After speaking with the Ulpanit’s director, Rabbi Ronnie, we decided that both the Ulpana and the Regional High School will have their meetings at the same place – A quiet classroom at the Regional High School, where the activities will take place.

We arrived at the Religious Regional High School at 10:15 A.M. One of the students came up to us and said that several girls won’t be present today, because they’re taking a Literature exam. Another student came up to us and said that she and a friend of hers won’t be able to attend our meeting as well, because they’re taking a P.E exam. Of course these students were excused with the approval of the administration. Debbie the psychologist and Nehama the social worker were very disappointed. They came from Jerusalem, far from Sderot. The late arrival, the phone calls and the rushes have bitterly disappointed them. I, as the director of the project, felt just like them, and we couldn’t ignore the school’s obvious lack of seriousness. We told the students that we’re canceling today’s meeting.

One of the students, Sveta, arrived to the meeting from home, after taking a day off due to illness. She told me: “I came here, although I’m sick, because I didn’t want to miss the meeting. I’m very upset that these things happen”. Sveta, Eden and Alin were deeply disappointed, and asked us to have the meeting anyway, despite the reduced amount of students. Debbie responded that it isn’t an appropriate thing to do, since this is a therapeutic group which should include everyone, and apologized to the girls.

Next, I spoke with the director of the Ulpana. We were informed that one third of their group won’t attend today’s meeting. We cancelled that meeting, as well.

We decided to schedule meetings with both schools’ directors, in order to clarify the project’s importance and the seriousness that attending such an important project requires. Moreover, the projects’ expenses are high, and we’re obliged to work with a group which will produce quality outcomes that are worthy of presenting. The meetings were scheduled for tomorrow’s afternoon, and it seems that they’ll bring positive outcomes.

After making the phone calls and scheduling the meetings, I feel that despite the difficulties and the misunderstandings which we’ve encountered today, it seems that the play would be complete by the vacation. With God’s help.


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