Press Release: Sderot Rally for Hope

In a rally organized by Sderot Media Center, hundreds of Sderot residents, Israeli youth, university students, and international supporters, will gather together to mark a year to Operation Cast Lead and a new decade of peace and hope for Sderot and the world on Dec. 31.

Sderot, Israel: 31/12/09: This Thursday, the Sderot Rally for Hope, lead by Sderot and southern Israeli residents, will mark a year to Operation Cast Lead and a new decade for hope and end to terror. Sderot Media Center, in coalition with the Israel Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, WUJS, World Jewish Congress, Im Tirzu and the Sderot Municipality, organized the march to bring a message of peace to civilians targeted by terror worldwide for 2010.

Background: The Sderot Rally for Hope is a counter-response to the Gaza Freedom March, convening in Egypt on December 31, with over 1,300 participants from 43 different countries to protest against the Israeli ’siege’ and Operation Cast Lead.

The Sderot rally will feature a number of speakers including the presidential candidate for the 2011 elections in Zambia, the Honorable Dr. Saviour Chishimba, Former Member of Parliament-National Assembly of Zambia and founder of the Zambia-Israel Alliance.

In a recent visit to Sderot, Dr. Saviour Chishimba stated“Now is the time for Africa to stand up and fight terrorism wherever it emerges…the threat on Israel and the Jewish people is the threat on all the peoples of the world.”

Schedule Outline:

13:00 Meeting point: Kibbutz Nir Am Gas Station, off Road 34, between Kibbutz Erez and Nir Am:
March to Givat Yanchik (Givat Ha’Oranim) from meeting point.

Balloon release with messages from Sderot children to Gaza children.
14:00 Sderot Cinemateque, Ceremony and Speakers:
– Yuli Edelstein, Israel Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs

– Hon. Dr. Saviour Chishimba, Former Member of Zambian Parliament and 2011 Zambian Presidential candidate.

– David Buskila, Sderot Mayor

Moshe Amar, Sderot boy whose home was destroyed in rocket attack and was visited by Pres. Barack Obama during his 2008 election campaign

15:00 Closing remarks

For more information, contact
Anav Silverman: 0528607696: anav.sderot@gmail. com

Noam Bedein: 0545598977: [email protected]



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