On Dec 31, the Gaza Freedom March, a massive rally organized by the International Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza, will convene in Cairo. Over 1000 participants from 42 countries along with Israeli “peace” groups will protest against the Siege of Gaza and mark a year to Operation Cast Lead.

Supporters of the Gaza march include Roger Walters (Pink Floyd), Nobel laureates, writers, film producers, British and Canadian Members of Parliaments, and more.

In response to the Gaza Freedom March, Sderot and residents of southern Israel are leading the: Sderot Rally for Hope: Stop Rocket Attacks on Civilians!

Organized by the Sderot Media Center and in coalition with the Sderot Municipality, Israel Ministry of Public Affairs and Diaspora, Sapir College, IDC Herzlyia, WUJS, Eretz Nehederet, Bnei Akiva Olami, Sderot Alon Madaim Elementary School, the march will convene at the Yad Mordechai Junction at 13:00. A Knesset Minister and Sderot municipality officials will be present as area residents, international students, diplomatic officials, and Israeli youth march to the Erez Crossing, where a ceremony for civilian victims of terror around the world will be held at 13:45.

The rally will highlight Sderot and southern Israelis’ desire for a new decade of peace and a message of hope for residents of Gaza and citizens around the globe.

Rally Outline:

13:00: Marchers convene at Yad Mordechai Junction, depart by foot.
13:45: Reach Erez Crossing where Knesset Minister and Sderot municipality officials will address rally.
14:00: Candle Lighting Ceremony for victims of terror and civilian targets around the world.
14:30: Music Performance and Sderot girl reads letter to Gaza residents.
15:00: Release of white balloons with messages from Sderot children to Gaza.

Your participation in this march is crucial to counter the anti-Israel, anti-peace march into Gaza on the same day, and to show the world that we, Jews and non-Jews, Israelis and non-Israelis, desire peace and an end to terror in Israel and worldwide.

-Sderot Media Center Team
[email protected]

For more details: contact:
Anav Silverman: 0528607696
Meital Ohayon: 0542508915
Noam Bedein: 0545598977


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