The challenge today in Sderot, is to find a way to express the stories of the people here. Every single family has its own unique story of a Qassam rocket exploding next to them. Every time I arrive to such a scene, I ask myself how do I share the story of Sderot with the world?

How does one communicate a reality where rockets fall daily upon civilian homes, kindergartens, schools and synagogues to people outside?

I listen, I observe, and I try to put my feelings and thoughts into words. As a photojournalist I believe that photographs do the job-capturing the reality of people more powerfully than words. Every photo in this gallery shares a unique experience that lets you glimpse the world of Sderot residents in the moments and aftermath of Qassam rocket fire.”

Watch SMC photo gallery

Noam Bedein, SMC director

Sderot Media Center is a citizens new agency whose goal is to raise international awareness to the plight of Sderot residents through the arts and media.

SMC has produced numerous photo exhibits which have been displayed throughout Israel and North America on college campuses, synagogues, awareness campaigns, functions, and other public settings. We also assemble different photo exhibits that cater to the requests of audiences worldwide.

SMC has assembled photo exhibits for the following venues:

1. Jewish Community Centers and Synagogues: SMC has a special photo exhibit entitled Jewish Symbols in the Shadow of Terror that depicts different Jewish objects at the scenes of rocket terror.

2. Art Displays, Photo Galleries: For this venue, SMC has assembled a collection of photos, entitled In the Corner of My Eye that depicts different images that caught the eye of the photographer during chaotic moments of rocket terror.

3. Coffee shops, restaurants: Far East to Sderot is a collection of photos depicting the journey of SMC director, Noam Bedein, from the Far East to Sderot.

4. University Campuses and Grade Schools: Sderot Reality emphasizes all aspects of Sderot life under rocket fire: people, shelled homes, property damage, businesses and children.

For more information on the photo galleries, contact SMC director, Noam Bedein at [email protected]


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