PRESS RELEASE: In response to the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict Report
This report is not surprising and it proves the reason of why the State of Israel did not take any formal part of this sham of an investigation. Our center, Sderot Media Center , was asked by the UN Fact Finding Committee to provide a report on the over eight years of rocket fire which the residents of southern Israel, unlike any other place in the world, have lived under. I was flown to testify in front of the committee at the UN headquarters in Geneva and during my testimony, which included raw video footage of children running from rocket fire, Richard Goldstone fell asleep
It is completely ridiculous that in the same sentence the UN would compare the acts of terrorism to the acts of Israel to protect its citizens. While we teach our children to run for bomb shelters, they teach their children to run to rooftops because it looks good in the eye of the camera.
Any report that legitimizes the acts of terrorist organization like Hamas should be delegitimized by the world, no matter if it is put out by the United Nations or Amnesty International.
A petty condemnation of the rocket fire allows for the continuation of these terror attacks of which there have been over 250 since the end of Operation Cast Lead on January 18th.
-Noam Bedein
Sderot Media Center


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