David Crawford from Northern Ireland


Hello & Greetings from Northern Ireland,

I found your site as I was doing a little research into rocket attacks on Israel since the last major offensive against the murderous terrorists, by the IDF earlier in the year.

While it is indeed sad that such a site as this is necessary, I have to congratulate every single one of you who are involved with it. It’s good to get a view of the suffering of the people of Israel from a source which isn’t promoting the aims of the terrorists.

I really do wish there was more I could do to help end the suffering of the people of Sderot and all Israel, but as an ordinary citizen of Northern Ireland, my opinion doesn’t really carry much weight. However, I do have a few friends over there who send me photos and facts about what is happening, and I make sure as many people as possible get to see what the BBC would like to keep hidden.

As to a long term solution, I fear the only way these murderous attacks can be prevented is for the IDF to re-occupy Gaza and Southern Lebanon, forcing the bad guys away from the border and out of range of their cowardly rockets.

Anyway, I got slightly sidetracked there, as this message was really intended to say how informative I found your site and to wish you well in you efforts.

Sincere Best Wishes to all in Sderot,

David Crawford.


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