Thank You from The Israeli Embassy in Bangkok


Friday, 9th of January 2009

To: Sderot Media Center

Noam Bedein and Itzik Yarkoni

Subject: Thank You from The Israeli Embassy in Bangkok

Dear Noam and Itzik

The Israeli Embassy in Bangkok wishes to thank you for your contribution to the Israeli information.

To Itzik, thank you for your always available unlimited aid, for the accessibility, the flexibility, and the willingness to provide a response to any problem. Without your assistance, we would’ve not been able to maintain such conversation so immediately.

To Noam, you succeeded in passing the feeling of being the only resident in Sderot to us and the foreign reporters in a very emotional and touching way, and we thank you for it.

We sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and recommended to include your authentic descriptions of the situation in Sderot, which were delivered in fluent English, in the information array of the various representatives across the world.

We strengthen your hands in your everyday struggle, and we thank you very much for providing us and the foreign reporters with a window to your world.


Yael Rubinstein



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