Sderot Media Center works with the Sderot community, establishing close connections with area residents who serve as the base for Sderot Media’s citizen journalism. SMC offers tools to the Sderot community in the area of social media so that psychologically traumatized residents learn to express their suffering through the arts of the media in theater and writing.

This year, SMC is running the Sderot Community Treatment Theater for Sderot high school girls. The theater company will eventually perfom across Israel and the world, with the aim of allowing outside audiences to listen and absorb the real life experiences of the Sderot “actresses” translated into their performance.

Sderot Community Treatment Theater:

All about the project –


Other SMC projects this past year included a photography workshop and writing competition for Sderot youth, ventures which provided creative therapy for the children of Sderot by allowing them to express life under rocket fire.

Arts and Media Projects:

Writing Contest for Sderot Youth:

Photography Workshop for Sderot Children:

Community Projects Overview:


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